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[長板輪架零件] Atlas Truck - Precision TopHat Washer

[長板輪架零件] Atlas Truck - Precision TopHat Washer
品 牌: Atlas Truck Co
型 號: [長板輪架零件] Atlas Truck - Precision TopHat Washer
庫存狀況: 有庫存
價格: 570
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To maximize the performance of your trucks not any washer will do. The Atlas Precision Top Hat Washer is designed to limit slop in your trucks by providing a precision sleeve that fits inside your bushing and around your kingpin. You'll be surprised at how much slop is eliminated from your setup from such a simple fix. These washers fit great in most standard bushings and kingpins.

What makes these better than the rest? We CNC mill these washers from solid stainless steel. This results in a precise fit and unparalleled strength. These washers are 25mm thick and extremely rigid. Laser cut graphics and rust free metal make sure these don't just ride great but look amazing at the same time.

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