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[長板] Dasilva Longboard - ALDOUS

[長板] Dasilva Longboard - ALDOUS
品 牌: Dasilva
型 號: [長板] Dasilva Longboard - ALDOUS
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* 砂紙:

* 整組或板身:

* 板身軟硬度:

   - OR -   


2017 ALDOUS 全新板型



Flxe stiff  板身偏硬,給想要無敵跳耀的你。

Flxe medium 板身適中,給想要華麗舞姿的你。

 長 度:40"

 寬 度:9.4"

 輪 距: 22-24"

2017 Aldous
The all tweaked 2017 pre release Aldous with high rebound PU rails
Bellbottom flares, symmetrical form and double kick tails will have you feeling euphoric, narcotic & pleasantly hallucinant
Length: 40”
Width: 9.4″
Wheel Base: 22-24″
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