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[長板] Pepper Longboards - DreamCatcher 39"

[長板] Pepper Longboards - DreamCatcher 39"
型 號: [長板] Pepper Longboards - DreamCatcher 39"
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Agile and handy pintail crusier. Mellow Concave and springy camber underfoot equal a perfect urban short-to-mid-distance vehicle. Flexy but stable enough for frequent haul or even mastering Your first basic dance or carve moves without losing the surfy feel of a classic pintail.
Recommended for anyone just getting his first longboard or anyone who is fine enough cruising with style around town or campus. Graphic story borrows from ancient Russian fairytales with fabulous “firebird” character and it’s feathers’ magical aerial and luminous properties.

Length 90cm
Width 24cm (9.45")
Wheelbase 60cm
Weight 1.75kg
Flex 3


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