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[衝浪板] TRI FIN - BLACK 7'0"

[衝浪板] TRI FIN - BLACK 7'0"
[衝浪板] TRI FIN - BLACK 7'0" [衝浪板] TRI FIN - BLACK 7'0" [衝浪板] TRI FIN - BLACK 7'0"
品 牌: Penny Skateboards
型 號: PNYSURF84001
庫存狀況: 無庫存
價格: 12,000
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About the 7'0" Tri Fin - Black

When foam is your friend, and fun is your middle name, it’s time to get on the Tri Fin (Thruster) from Penny Surf! This board is your perfect companion for everything from lackluster ocean swell to a surging river wave! This shape is an even 7ft in length and provides a huge amount of buoyancy for easy wave riding. The perfect board to out paddle the lineup, trim down the line or even get new surfers to their feet. Measuring in at 84” (7ft) tall x 22” wide x 3.2” thick, this board has a whopping 60.7L in volume ensuring your wave count increases. Made with an EPS foam core and dual ply stringers to deliver a high quality and durable board. It also features a seafoam-colored slot box fin system, a silver slick bottom, and blacked out waffle patterned black deck. Designed for fun (and wave count) the 7’0” is built to last, but above all, super fun to ride!


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